About Us

Allergy Associates of Sarasota and Venice is a team of physicians and nurses trained in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Allergy Associates has been serving the greater Sarasota and Venice community for over 30 years. The physicians and staff pride themselves on using the newest, most comprehensive techniques for treatment, testing, and diagnosis.

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Dr. Frederick L. Bloom, Allergist
- Dr. Fredrick L. Bloom, M.D.

Allergy Associates of Sarasota and Venice Staff and Allergists

A Growing Team

Allergy Associates continues to build a talented team in the Sarasota and Venice area.

Meet Our Providers

Proven Principles

The following principles guide our medical practice at Allergy Associates:

– Patient centered care
– Accessibility and availability
– Compassionate medical care
– Modern, innovative medicine
– Address the underlying source of the problem
– Empower patients with the knowledge to fully understand their medical conditions
– Educate patients to improve their quality of life