Allergy Associates is a team of physicians and nurses trained in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology who pride themselves in over 30 years of service using the newest, most comprehensive techniques for treatment, testing, and diagnosis.

Our Mission
To improve the health of our patients through testing, diagnosis, education, and treatment.
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Allergy Associates provides treatment for Allergies, Asthma, and immune deficiencies.
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Our physicians combine 30 years of allergy experience and specializations in Immunology with their genuine compassion and care they deliver to patients.
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been patient for over 25 years. Very smooth running office, experienced staff. Dr. Bloom acts like a doctor from years ago – devotes plenty of time to each visit. very caring place. …. and the treatment has been extremely effective, need I say
Allergy Relief in Sarasota

Richard Olin

Dr. Zelig is the most caring doctor I have ever met. I am a nurse and work with several doctors but have never found a doctor that follows through like Dr. Zelig does. I was hospitalized several times with my tongue or throat swelling and no doctor wanted to take the time to solve the mystery until Dr. Zelig.

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Amelia Plainte

Dr Bloom spends a lot of time with me during my appointments and I felt like he genuinely cares about solving my allergy problems. The testing has made it not a mystery anymore and I have faith in his abilities to use medicine so I can start living like a normal person in spite of allergies.
Allergy Relief in Sarasota

Little Katie

Dr. Bloom and his entire staff is awesome. So I scheduled an appt. with Dr. Bloom, he was fantastic, did all the allergy skin testing, etc. and sure enough I am allergic to mold, dust mites, cats. I am finally starting to feel a bit better. Soon I’ll have build up enough immunity to these allergens and feel back to myself. I would highly recommend Dr. Bloom, especially if you suspect it may be allergies making you sick. Thanks, Dr. Bloom for everything.

Allergy Treatment Sarasota

Kathy Zahony McNamara

Dr. Zelig is the most amazing doctor that I have ever had treat me. He truly cares and wants to make you better and he is not about just giving you pills and sending you on your way.
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Amy Plant

Dr. Zelig is awesome with my 5 year old. Office staff is very friendly.

Allergy Treatment in Sarasota

Giovanna Florence

Meet The Team

Combining 30 years of allergy experience and specializations in Immunology, our physicians and staff deliver care and genuine compassion to patients.

Dr. Bloom
Courtney Larios
Dr. Rucker
Julie Daugherty, PhD NP-C